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  Monday, June 10 Tuesday, June 11 Wednesday, June 12 Thursday, June 13
8:00   registration in the IBM lobby    
9:00   Session 1 Session 4 Session 6
    Kevin Kennedy, Robert E. Mercer: Planning Animation Cinematography and Shot Structure to Communicate Theme and Mood Ronald A. Rensink: Internal vs. External Information in Visual Perception Sumedha Kshirsagar, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann: A Multilayer Personality Model
    Michael L. Gleicher, Rachel M. Heck, Michael N. Wallick: A Framework for Virtual Videography C. M. Chewar, D. Scott McCrickard: Dynamic Route Descriptions: Tradeoffs by Usage Goals and User Characteristics Kresimir Matkovic, Laszlo Neumann, Johannes Siglaer, Martin Kompast, Werner Purgathofer: Visual Image Query
    Alfredo Pina, Francisco J. Serón, Diego Gutiérrez: The ALVW system: an interface for smart behavior-based 3D Computer Animation (short) Qiang Ji, Zhiwei Zhu, Xiaojie Yang: Eye and Gaze Tracking for Interactive Graphic Display (short) Richard Bowden, Pakorn Kaewtrakulpong, Martin Lewin: Jeremiah: The Face of Computer Vision (short)
10:30   Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:00   Invited Talk Invited Talk Session 7
    Jock Mackinlay: "The Combinatorics of Graphical Presentation" Ben Shneiderman: "Beyond Smart Graphics: Building tools to empower users" Marcel Götze, Stefan Schlechtweg, Thomas Strothotte: The Intelligent Pen – Toward a Uniform Treatment of Electronic Documents
        Douglas N. Gordin: Managing Graph(ical) Complexity with Raisin and its Category Explorer (short)
        Volker Coors: Resource-adaptive rendering of interactive maps (short)
12:30   Lunch Lunch End of Symposium
14:00   Session 2 Session 5  
    Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko: Intelligent Support of Visual Data Analysis in Descartes Robert St. Amant, Thomas E. Horton: Characterizing tool use in an interactive drawing environment  
    Wallace Chigona, Thomas Strothotte: Contextualized Text Explanations For Visualizations Hiroshi Hosobe: A Geometric Constraint Library for 3D Graphical Applications  
    Shrinath Shanbhag, Durgesh Rao, Prof. R K Joshi: An Intelligent Multi-layered Input Scheme for Phonetic Scripts (short) Coffee Break  
15:30   Coffee Break IBM Open Lab  
16:00   Session 3    
    Knut Hartmann, Thomas Strothotte: A Spreading Activation Approach to Text Illustration    
    C. Schlick, O Parisy: A Physically Realistic Framework for the Generation of High-Level Animation Controllers    
  17:00 until 19:00 registration in the IBM lobby Michael Anderson, Chris Armen: DiaSketches (short)    
17:30   End of day 1 End of day 2  
19:30   BBQ reception outside the IBM lobby (see pictures from the event) Symposium dinner (Optional but guests welcome), Tramonto Restaurant, 27 Saw Mill River Rd.