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At this time the initial submission is closed. Authors of accepted papers have been notified to submit their camera ready versions (electronic submission) by APRIL 10th. The printed camera ready version as well as the ACM Copyright form must be received before APRIL 17th.

We need the camera ready paper in electronic form as well as in printed form. For the electronic form I would like to ask you to submit a (print-optimized) PDF file together with the source files (LaTeX or any word processing system you might use, including all images). We will not alter your work in any way, this is just to ensure that the final proceedings can be printed without any problems (we had a few problems here in the last years). The amount of data to be sent this way might be high, so please use compression programs or send the files in several eMails. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a ftp upload at this time. You may alternatively provide a link to the respective files.

Please use the ACM SIG Proceedings layout style here (as most of you alreday did for the paper submissions that we have alredy received - templates can be found at Please send all material via e-mail to Stefan Schlechtweg ( by APRIL 10th.

We will also need a printed version of your paper. Together with this version, we need a printed and signed ACM Copyright transfer form that can be downloaded from The printed material should arrive NOT LATER THAN APRIL 17th and everything should be sent to:

Stefan Schlechtweg
University of Magdeburg
Universitaetsplatz 2
D-39106 Magdeburg