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  Wed 02.07. Thu 03.07. Fri 04.07.
08:30 On-Site Registration    
09:15 Opening Remarks    
09:30 Illustrative Interfaces: Building Special-Purpose Interfaces with Art Techniques & Brain Science Findings (W. Bradford Paley) Building Smart Embodied Virtual Characters (Thomas Rist, Elisabeth Andre) Posters/Demos 2
10:00 The Effect of Motion in Graphical User Interfaces (Paul U. Lee, Alexander Klippel, and Heike Tappe) Let's Run for it!: Conspecific emotional flocking triggered via virtual pheromones (Carlos Delgado-Mata, Jesus Ibanez and Ruth Aylett)  
10:30 Pointing and Visual Feedback for Spatial Interaction in Large-Screen Display Environments (Barry A. Po, Brian D. Fisher, and Kellogg S. Booth) A Perception and Selective Attention System for Synthetic Creatures (Daniel Torres and Pierre Boulanger)  
11:00 Coffee Intelligent Virtual Actors that Plan … to Fail (Marc Cavazza, Fred Charles, and Steven J. Mead) Coffee
11:30 Freeform User Interfaces for Graphical Computing (Takeo Igarashi) Coffee Extracting Emotion from Speech: Towards Emotional Speech-Driven Facial Animations (Knut Hartmann)
12:00 A Sketching Interface for Modeling the Internal Structures of 3D Shapes (Owada Shigeru) Invited Talk (Thomas Funkhouser): "Shape-Based Retrieval and Analysis of 3D Models" Intregated System and Methodology for Supporting Textile and Tile Pattern Design (José María Gomis, Margarita Valor, Francisco Albert, and Manuel Contero)
12:30 Smart Sketch System for 3D Reconstruction Based Modeling (Ferran Naya, Julián Conesa, Manuel Contero, Pedro Company, Joaquim Jorge)   A new approach to the Interactive Resolution of Configuration Problems in Virtual Environments (Carlos Calderon, Marc Cavazza, and Daniel Diaz)
13:00 Lunch Lunch Closing Remarks
      End of symposium
14:00 Invited Talk (Wolfgang Wahlster): "Towards Symmetric Multimodality" A Constraint-based Approach to Camera Path Planning (Marc Christie, Eric Languenou)
14:30   Declarative Camera Planning Roles and Requirements (Jonathan H Pickering and Patrick Olivier)
15:00 Coffee Automatic Video Composition (M. Zancanaro, C. Rocchi, O. Stock)
15:30 Smart 3d visualizations in clinical applications (Bernhard Preim, Heinz-Otto Peitgen) Coffee
16:00 Shadows with a Message (Wallace Chigona, Henry Sonnet, Felix Ritter, Thomas Strothotte) Posters/Demos 1
16:30 Dynamic Glyphs – Depicting Dynamics in Images of 3D Scenes (Marc Nienhaus and Jürgen Döllner)  
19:00 Welcome Barbecue
20:00   Symposium Dinner, location to be announced
open end