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Registration for the Smart Graphics symposium 2005 is open until July 24, 2005 and can be done online.

The financial transactions will be handled by a company called Interplan this year, so this is what you will find on your credit card or bank account statement afterwards. Registration fees consist of two parts: a main registration fee which depends on your status (student, member of ACM/EG/AAAI or nonmember), and an accommodation fee which depends on the kind of room you choose. Here are the registration rates:

400 Euro
Members of ACM, EG or AAAI:
500 Euro
550 Euro

As space in the cloister is limited, you are encouraged to register as early as possible and to share rooms in case you travel together or know people you will meet at Smart Graphics. This can be stated accordingly during the registration process. We will stay 4 nights. Here are the room rates per person and night:

Cat. A
50 Eur
40 Eur
40 Eur
Cat. B
40 Eur
30 Eur
30 Eur

For your travel plans, please consider the following: We will organize a bus transport leaving from Munich main station on Sunday, 21st at 3pm. The bus will leave from the Lufthansa Airport Bus departure point north of the railway station. It will allow us to reach the boat to the island and occupy rooms in the cloister in time for dinner that evening. From MUC airport it will take roughly 1hr by S-Bahn S1 or S8 to the main station (Hauptbahnhof), so given the usual checkout times, your plane should probably arrive in MUC before 1pm on Sunday 21st. Similarly, for your trip back we have organized boat and bus transfers the day after the symposium and will reach Munich main station before 1pm on Thursday, 25th. Given travel and checkin times in MUC, this means that you should book a flight leaving MUC after 4pm on Thursday, 25th.

For those of you who prefer to spend the weekend before or a few days after the symposium in Munich, Travelocity can find hotels in downtown Munich for you.

Finally, regarding your packing list: we expect nice warm summer weather, so in case common sense hasn't told you yet: bring your swim suits! and regarding internet access: don't rely on having any internet connectivity in the cloister! So after contacting your potential rommates, go ahead with the online registration.