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The International Symposium on Smart Graphics will bring together researchers from Computer Graphics, Visualization, Art & Graphics Design, Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, all working on different aspects of computer-generated graphics. This year's meeting will be held in Vancouver, Canada.

Graphics by W. Bradford Paley from his Smart Graphics 2003 paperAdvances and breakthroughs in computer graphics have made visual media the basis of the modern user interface, and it is clear that graphics will play a dominant role in the way people communicate and interact with computers in the future. Indeed, as computers become more and more pervasive, and display sizes both increase and decrease, new and challenging problems arise for the effective use and generation of computer graphics.

Graphics by Shigeru Owada from his Smart Graphics 2003 paperRecent advances in computer graphics have allowed AI researchers to integrate graphics in their systems, and on the other hand, many AI techniques have matured to the point of being easily used by non specialists. These very techniques are likely to be the vehicle by which both principles from graphic design, and the results of research into cognitive aspects of visual representations will be integrated in next generation graphical interfaces.

Smart Graphics 2006

In our final wrap up session of Smart Graphics 2005 we identified 3 key challenges for Smart Graphics:
  1. To understand human reasoning with visual representations
  2. In human decision support, to reconcile the complexity of problems  that must be solved with the simplicity of representation and  interaction that is desired by users
  3. To build systems that can reason about and change their own  graphical representations to meet the needs and abilities of their  users and the nature of the information they present
This year's SG will build on this by emphasizing the "smart" in Smart Graphics. This includes human individual, group, and distributed cognition as well as artificial intelligence applied to the design and testing of graphically rich systems. We invite members of the AI and Cognitive Science communities to join with Smart Graphics regulars in submitting papers with a focus on the interaction of cognition and graphics broadly defined: smart design, smart systems, and systems for smart users. In order to facilitate interaction with  the AI and Cogsci communities we have co-located SG with the 28th  Annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society and the IEEE World  Congress on Computational Intelligence.