Advertising Materials
The main point for advertising the smart graphics symposium is this website. For email advertising, there is an ASCII version of the call for papers. In addition there is a flyer for printing double-sided on A4 paper. Please feel free to print it out and distribute it in your environment. If the inner side is upside down, try this version.

Sponsoring Organizations
The Smart Graphics Symposium 2007 is held in cooperation with the ACM SIGs SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI, the Eurographics Association (EG) and the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) (partially to be confirmed).

Related and partnering events
A partnering event, for which we encourage participation is the 7th Creativity and Cognition Conference (CC2007).
Another partner-event is the Visual Computing / Graphics & CAD symposium, which takes place in Osaka, Japan (Jun 23-24).

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