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08:00 Coffee Coffee
08:30 Opening and Sketching Session Camera Planning Session Visualisation Session
10:30 break
10:45 Navigation & Selection Session Smartgraphics Discussion

Demo Session

13:00 lunch

Invited talk

Invited talk
Smartgraphics Special Issue
15:00 Studies & Evaluation Session Trip to Mont Saint Michel Short Papers Session (2)
16:30 break

17:00 Short Papers Session (1)
Closing + Laboratory Visit
evening Welcome event Gala Diner

Sketching Session
  • Using the CAT for 3D Sketching in front of Large Displays, Hongxin Zhang, Julien Hadim and Xavier Granier
  • MathPaper: Mathematical Sketching with Fluid Interaction Support for Online Computation, Robert Zeleznik, Timothy Miller, Chuanjun Li and Joseph LaViola
  • Pillow: Interactive Flattening of a 3D Model for Plush Toy Design, Yuki Igarashi and Takeo Igarashi
Navigation and Selection Session
  • Intelligent Mouse-Based Object Group Selection, Hoda Dehmeshki and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
  • Improving 3D Selection in VEs through Expanding Targets and Forced Disocclusion, Ferran Argelaguet Sanz and Carlos Andujar
  • Finger Walking in Place (FWIP): A Traveling Technique in Virtual Environments, Ji-Sun Kim, Denis Gracanin, Kresimir Matkovic and Francis Quek
Studies & Evaluation Session
  • An Empirical Study of Bringing Audience into the Movie, Tao Lin, Akinobu Maejima and Shigeo Morishima
  • Creative Sketches Production in Digital Design: a User-centered Evaluation of a 3D Digital Environment, Anaïs Mayeur, Françoise Darses and Pierre Leclercq
  • Evaluation of an Augmented Photograph-based Pedestrian Navigation System, Benjamin Walther-Franks and Rainer Malaka
Camera Planning Session
  • Representative Views and Paths for Volume Models, Pere-Pau Vàzquez, Eva Monclús and Isabel Navazo
  • Real-Time Camera Planning for Navigation in Virtual Environments, Tsai-Yen Li and Chung-Chiang Cheng
  • Virtual Camera Composition with Particle Swarm Optimization, Paolo Burelli, Andrea Ermetici, Luca Di Gaspero and Roberto Ranon
  • Through-the-lens Scene Design, Marc Christie, Ye Tao and Xueqing Li
Visualisation Session
  • Similarity-based Exploded Views, Marc Ruiz, Ivan Viola, Imma Boada, Stefan Bruckner, Miquel Feixas and Mateu Sbert
  • Hardware-Accelerated Illustrative Medical Surface Visualization with Extended Shading Maps, Christian Tietjen, Roland Pfisterer, Alexandra Baer, Rocco Gasteiger and Bernhard Preim
  • Smart Lenses, Conrad Thiede, Georg Fuchs and Heidrun Schumann
  • Overlapping Clustered Graphs: Co-authorship networks visualization, Rodrigo Santamarían and Roberto Theron
Short Paper Session 1
  • dream.Medusa: A Participatory Performance, Robyn Taylor, Pierre Boulanger and Patrick Olivier
  • The Visual Expression Process: bridging Vision and Data Visualization, Jose Fernando Rodrigues Jr., Andre Balan, Agma Traina and Caetano Traina Jr.
  • Flux: Enhancing photo organization through interaction and automation, Dominikus Baur, Otmar Hilliges and Andreas Butz
  • PhotoSim: Tightly Integrating Image Analysis into a Photo Browsing UI, Yaxi Chen and Andreas Butz
Short Paper Session 2
  • Thor: Sketch-Based 3D Modeling by Skeletons, Romain Arcila, Florian Levet and Christophe Schlick
  • Sketch-Based Navigation in 3D Virtual Environments, Benjamin Hagedorn and Jürgen Döllner
  • Adaptive Layout for Interactive Documents, Kamran Ali, Knut Hartmann, Georg Fuchs and Heidrun Schumann
  • Curvature- and Model-Based Surface Hatching of Anatomical Structures Derived from Clinical Volume Datasets, Rocco Gasteiger, Christian Tietjen, Alexandra Baer and Bernhard Preim
  • Relational Transparency Model for Interactive Technical Illustration, Ladislav Cmolík
  • Panel Beat: Layout and Timing of Comic Panels, William Bares