The 8th Symposium on Smart Graphics will take place in Rennes, the capital of Brittany, France. It will be hosted by Rennes University (INRIA/IRISA Lab -


Rennes is located in Brittany (northwest of France) and is the capital of the "Region Bretagne". The fierce country of Brittany was long time independant with regard to the French crown. After many years of war and after Charles VIII unsuccesfull attack in 1491, the Duchess Anne de Bretagne negotiated --and eventually maried Charles VIII-- to make Brittany a part of France. Poeple say this was the best way to jealously guard Brittany's autonomy!

ChampsLibres Rennes is a beautiful city of art and history, built at the intersection of two rivers, the Ille and the Vilaine, that has made many efforts to maintain ancient historical buildings (such as timber frame houses, the Brittany parliament or the Place des Lices), thereby offering amazing sightscenes. Besides, Rennes has long time promoted the integration of modern architecture in the city, offering visitors a interesting and contrasting view of architectural variety.

Timber frame houses in Rennes The city is well known for its important cultural activity (music and cinema festivals) and dynamic night life. The rue St Michel offers an important concentration of bars and is well known as "la rue de la soif" (road of thirst). Many restaurants allow visitors to taste a variety of excellent buckwheat flour panecakes, from the classical "galette saucisse" to fine and tasteful "galette St Jacques" (seafood scallops and glasswort on a bed of fresh cream, a must taste).

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IRISA/INRIA Rennes Atlantique

Irisa is a publicly funded research laboratory with a staff of 540, including more than 170 full-time research scientists or teaching research scientists and 150 postgraduate students.
INRIA, CNRS, University of Rennes 1 and INSA Rennes are all partners in this mixed research unit. Around thirty research projects or actions are centered around major scientific topics, i.e.: These generic themes find their application in many fields, resulting in interdisciplinary cooperation with other leading professionals from both the academic and the industrial world, in areas such as telecommunications, multimedia, transport, genome science, emerging technologies applied to health, environment etc. Irisa/Inria's brief is first and foremost:
Moreover, our unit is now fully involved in the business start-up program launched by INRIA and by the Rennes-Atalante "technopole".
Irisa, in cooperation with Ifsic -the Advanced ICT Training Institute, plays an active role in training postgraduate students through and for research. The internships and the doctoral theses undertaken under the supervision of Irisa staff are essential in maintaining the necessary impetus and innovation in our research effort. Postdoctoral assistants and visiting staff on sabbaticals also contribute to our potential.


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