Important dates:
February 14th, 2010 (submission deadline)
March 28th, 2010(notification of results)
April 2nd, 2010(camera ready copy due)
June 24-26, 2010(Symposium in Banff, Canada)
Updated Schedule - as of June 20, 2010
Please refer to the schedule in your Welcome Package to verify final confirmation of times, locations, etc...

20:00 -- Glyde Hall Ceramics Deck
Welcome event - drinks and Meet-and-Greet



Sessions - PDC #103
Banquet - PFR #6
Art Exhibition - JPL #026 (Visualization Lab)

Day 1

Sketching Session 1 (90 min)

Sketch Based Volumetric Clouds
Marc Stiver, Andrew Baker, Adam Runions, Faramarz Samavati

Applying Mathematical Sketching to Sketch-Based Physics Tutoring Software
Salman Cheema, Joseph J. LaViola

Short Papers:
A method for reconstructing sketched polyhedral shapes with rounds and fillets
Pedro Company, Peter A.C. Varley

Smart Graphics - Art 101: Learning to Draw through Sketch Recognition
Tracy Hammond, Manoj Prasad, Daniel Dixon

Physics/VR Session (105 min)

A Novel Three-dimensional Collaborative Online Platform for Bio-Molecular Modeling
Kugamoorthy Gajananan, Arturo Nakasone, Andreas Hildebrandt, Helmut Prendinger

The Effects of Finger-Walking in Place (FWIP) for Spatial Knowledge Acquisition in Virtual Environments
Ji-Sun Kim, Denis Gracanin, Kresimir Matkovic, Francis Quek

An Interactive Design System for Water Flow Stains on Outdoor Images
Yuki Endo, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Jun Mitani, Fukui Yukio

Short Paper:
A Cross-Platform Framework for Physics-Based Collaborative Augmented Reality
Damon Shing-Min Liu, Chun-Hao Yung, Cheng-Hsuan Chung

Social Event 1 - Meeting at Location TBA

Relaxed hike up Tunnel Mountain please bring comfortable walking shoes!

Day 2

Sketching 2 / Art Session (90 min)

Example-based Font Generation
Rapee Suveeranont, Takeo Igarashi

Sketch-based Interfaces: Exploiting Spatio-temporal Context for Automatic Stroke Grouping
Lutz Dickmann, Tobias Lensing, Robert Porzel, Rainer Malaka, Christoph Lischka

Art Papers:
Sticking Point
Tom Schofield

Self Portraits with Mandelbrot Genetics
Jeffrey Ventrella

Camera Planning Session 1 (90 min)

Accurately Measuring the Satisfaction of Visual Properties in Virtual Camera Control
Roberto Ranon, Marc Christie, Tommaso Urli

VEX-CMS: A tool to design virtual exhibitions and walkthroughs that integrates automatic camera control capabilities
Luca Chittaro , Lucio Ieronutti , Roberto Ranon

Automatic speed graph generation for predefined camera paths
Ferran Argelaguet , Carlos Andujar

Art Presentations/Demo Session - Location PDC #103 (90 min)

Robyn Taylor, Guy Schofield, John Shearer, Pierre Boulanger, Jayne Wallace, Patrick Olivier

OverWatch: Realtime Narrative Visuals from Live Performance
Guy Schofield, Rachel Casey, Patrick Olivier

Trickster at the Intersection
Qiong Wu, Maryia Kazakevich, Robyn Taylor, Pierre Boulanger, Janice Annett

Alexander Wiethoff / Hendrik Richter

Stroking a Cymbidium
Youngmi Kim, Jongsoo Choi

WAVO: an interactive ball to express light waves with Wave equation
Kazushi Mukaiyama

Demo Session
Bring any demos, projects, videos, etc, to share in an informal setting

Art Exhibition and Concert - Location: JPL #026 - Visualization Lab

(Public event, cash bar)
An evening of technologically-mediated performance and art. Featuring live musical performances by John Bowers, humanaquarium and The Turing Test, the work of Smart Graphics' artists will be installed in the Banff New Media Institute's unique virtual reality exhibition venue.

Day 3

Design/Rendering Session (60 min)

Interactive design and simulation of net sculptures
Greg Pintilie, Peter Heppel , Janet Echelman

Automated Hedcut Illustration Using Isophotes
SungYe Kim, Insoo Woo, Ross Maciejewski, David Ebert

Info Viz Session (90 min)

Articulate: a Semi-automated Model for Translating Natural Language Queries into Meaningful Visualizations
Yiwen Sun, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Sangyoon Lee

Visual Analysis of Time-Motion in Basketball Games
Roberto Theron , Laura Casares

Event Line View: Interactive Visual Analysis of Irregular Time-Dependant Data
Kresimir Matkovic, Alan Lez, Denis Gracanin, Andreas Ammer, Werner Purgathofer

Camera Planning Session 2 (90 min)

Focus and Context in Mixed Reality by Modulating First Order Salient Features
Erick Mendez, Steve Feiner, Dieter Schmalstieg

Automatic Blending of Multiple Perspective Views for Aesthetic Composition
Kairi Mashio, Kenichi Yoshida, Shigeo Takahashi, Masato Okada

Short Papers:
An Interactive Interface for Lighting-by-Example
Hai Nam Ha, Christophe Lino, Marc Christie, Patrick Olivier, Van Thuong Nguyen

Animated Volume Texture Mapping for Complex Scene Generation and Editing
Rui Shen

Art Panel

Moderator: Pierre Boulanger
Panelists TBA
Lake Minnewanka Cruise - meeting location TBA