Smart Graphics
Smart Graphics 2011

Advances in computer graphics have made visual media the heart of the user interface, and it is clear that graphics will continue to play a dominant role in knowledge work, entertainment, and the home. Indeed, as computers become more and more pervasive, as display sizes both increase and decrease, and as novel surface computing applications are conceived, new and challenging problems arise for the effective use, generation, and interpretation of computer graphics.

The International Symposium on Smart Graphics will bring together researchers from Computer Graphics, Visualization, Graphic Art & Graphic Design, Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, all working on different aspects of computer-mediated, computer-generated, or computer-interpreted graphics—and the user experiences they enable. This year's meeting will be held in Bremen, Germany.

Smart Graphics?

Graphics become “Smart Graphics” when:

  • Their design incorporates (and sometimes informs) a deeper understanding of human perception, cognition, and action in the form of design practice and/or cognitive science.
  • Artificial intelligence drives the creation and interaction with graphics, often incorporating principles from graphic design and the cognitive science of visual representations.
  • Graphics are designed to effectively support human cognition, communication, and collaboration, for example in the new field of visual analytics.