Smart Graphics 2011
Bremen, Germany

The City of Bremen is the second-largest city in Northern Germany—some perceive it as a quite walkable large town with metropolitan characteristics. Located at the river Weser, the 1,200 year old city has historically been an important gate to the world for seafarers and the Hanseatic merchants. The maritime ambience is still present but is now complemented by modern logistics, high technology and space industries, and numerous scientific institutions. Today's Bremen is sometimes informally called “Space City” or “Beck’s City” (a reference to the world-famous Beck’s beer that is brewed in Bremen).

Travel Advice

For international participants, we recommend traveling by plane to Bremen Airport (BRE). Whether you arrive by plane or by train, tram line 6 takes you directly to the University of Bremen (30' from Bremen Airport, 15' from Bremen Main Station).

Smart Graphics 2011 will take place in the MZH building on the University of Bremen campus (link to campus map). The tram line 6 stop "Universitšt Bremen -- Zentralbereich" is very close to the symposium venue. In this Google Maps view (link), 'A' denotes the tram stop and the green arrow points to the MZH building. There will also be SG '11 signs to guide you on-site.

Alternatively, you could also leave the tram one stop earlier ("Naturwissenschaften 1/Universum Science Center"), from there you will be able to spot the MZH building right beyond the parking lot.

Please refer to the BSAG website for more information on public transportation services in Bremen.